We Hired A Spanish Chef

We Hired A Spanish Chef From Barcelona To Help Raise Dawn on the Amazon Cafe To The Next Level

We did it.

I was sitting working at my laptop inside of the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe one day, when a slim, clean, polite youngish man approached and asked in broken English if there was a position for a chef in our kitchen.

Tony was from Barcelona Spain, working his way around Peru to pay for his travels. He arrived in Iquitos after working a month in a restaurant in Cusco. He approached me because he researched restaurants in Iquitos on TripAdvisor, and learned that Dawn on the Amazon Cafe ranked number one. He hung out here for a couple of hours, liked what he saw and asked for a job.

He had a good story and a nice way about him. Tony told us he started working in restaurants as a dishwasher when he was 15, and had worked every job in a restaurant including running his own.

Marmelita and I took a chance and hired him for 5 weeks, and it was one of the best improvements we could have made for Dawn on the Amazon Cafe. His job was to make our cooks and kitchen more professional and to develop new recipes. These things he did, and more.

Ever since Tony returned to Spain, we have been working with the new techniques and recipes he taught us, to make them our own. Dawn on the Amazon Cafe is a better restaurant today than it was before that fateful day when we hired a Spanish chef from Barcelona.

Bill Grimes, president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises,  and your host at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

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