"Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, number 1 in TripAdvisor"

Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, Number One In Iquitos, TripAdvisor

I remember three and a half years ago when we first became # 1 on TripAdvisor, and I mentioned our new status to a customer from Lima, he said, “It should be easy to be number 1 in Iquitos.” I thought, what an insult to me, my hard working staff, my customers, all the restaurants […]


A Fun Sunday On The River With Dawn on the Amazon

A fun Sunday at the Butterfly Farm, and on the Nanay River with Dawn on the Amazon. I had more fun last Sunday than I’ve had in months. Marmelita was up early cooking a lot, including a large pot of rice with vegetables, seasoned with guizador, a delicious root spice that adds flavor as well […]