The Breakfast Classic At Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

The Dawn on the Amazon Cafe Classic, two eggs over easy, two slices of bacon, Grannie’s Old Fashioned Home Fries with vegetables, toasted ciabatta bread, real butter, and home made tropical marmalade; arguably the best breakfast in Iquitos, served from 7:30am until 10:00pm. Bill Grimes, host of the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe


A Fun Sunday On The River With Dawn on the Amazon

A fun Sunday at the Butterfly Farm, and on the Nanay River with Dawn on the Amazon. I had more fun last Sunday than I’ve had in months. Marmelita was up early cooking a lot, including a large pot of rice with vegetables, seasoned with guizador, a delicious root spice that adds flavor as well […]


Our Motto, Only Positive Attitudes And Good Vibrations Served At the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

Only positive attitudes and good vibrations are served at the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe. I’ve made some mistakes, lots of them. We opened the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe four months ago and I lost my temper five times. I made an ass of myself at least 4 times. It averages out at over […]