"lomo saltado"

Running A Restaurant Is Not Easy

"lomo saltado"

Dawn on the Amazon Cafe's lomo saltado is not your mother's recipe; with a splash of pisco

I knew running a restaurant would not be easy, but this is ridiculous. We spend hours, days, and weeks researching, planning and practicing our recipes. Sometimes our recipes evolve over time. Our lomo saltado recipe is a good example. Our lomo saltado recipe started out as typical of the region, bite size chunks of beef tenderloin stir fried with chopped red onions, ahi dulce, (sweet peppers local to the amazon region), and a few slivers of a spicy hot pepper, a few slivers of tomato, served with rice and french fries. This is typical. We wanted ours to be better than average, we wanted it to be the best, as we want for all of our recipes, knowing that “best” is subjective.

We worked with it. We added a splash of Pisco. Good! A year later we were eating at one of the best restaurants in Iquitos. They added a new item on their menu, lomo saltado. I ordered it, and it was delicious. We eat at that restaurant every couple of weeks. I ordered Lomo Saltado three times in a row. It had a spicy tomato based sauce. My wife Marmelita and I analyzed their dish, recreated their recipe, fixed it a few times, added our splash of pisco, and TA DA, we have the best Lomo Saltado in Iquitos…according to me:)

Then a woman from Tarapoto Peru gave us a 2 star, poor TripAdvisor review because the lomo saltado was too saucy and because we don’t peel our potatoes before we slice them into french fries. I considered it and well, maybe the lomo saltado was too “saucy” so we cut back on the sauce.

A few days ago, two women from Lima sat down at one of our tables outside and both ordered Lomo Saltado. When the waitress served them, they looked at their plates and did not eat even a bite. They did not taste it. One of the women lectured our waitress on the proper preparation of Lomo Saltado, as if we were clueless, and got up and walked off with out paying. THEY WHAT??? They left without paying!!!

Operating a restaurant is not easy

Bill Grimes, president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises and host of Dawn on the Amazon Cafe;

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