Positive Feedback Makes Me Happy

Positive feedback makes me happy.

The only thing that makes me happier than a nice email like this is to have all the chairs and tables full, and this is the formula to fill them.

Bill –

I am very glad that Gart recommended Dawn On The Amazon Cafe.  Rolando and I enjoyed the many meals we ate there this past weekend.  Your kind welcome very much impressed me.  I’ve always felt that “eggs are eggs”:   the thing that makes one restaurant different (and better) than another, for me, is the people who work there.  You and yours are the best —  and now I am back in Lima and  your excellent cheese omelets are only a memory. Poor me.

Ray Mills


Another reminder, it’s not just the food, it’s the people.

Positive feedback makes me happy.

Captain Bill Grimes writes for the Dawn on the Amazon Captain’s Blog. Check it out.

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