Positive Feedback From Our Guests

Positive feedback from our guests.

This complimentary email made my day and I want to share it with you.

Subject; Thank You

Dear Bill,

My partner and I were recently in Iquitos. We ate breakfast at Dawn on the Amazon on three or four occasions and on our final night in Iquitos we had dinner at the restaurant. As the owner, I wanted to pass on to you our feedback about how wonderful your staff are.

We have been travelling through South America for the past four months and I can confidently say that the staff at Dawn on the Amazon restaurant were the most pleasant and hospitable we have experienced to date….and the food and coffee was sensational too!! In particular, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Karla at breakfast. She was always cheerful and friendly and we were very impressed that after meeting her one morning, we then went on a five day jungle tour, and on our return to Iquitos she not only recognized us, she remembered our names. Please say a special ´thankyou´ to Karla from Tara and Joe (the Australians).

We also enquired at Dawn on the Amazon tour office and while we were unable to make a river tour due to us needing to take an earlier than expected flight back to Lima, we were very impressed with Marmelita´s service. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and had great English.

Good luck with the business in the future. Your staff really are a great asset. We will be sure to recommend your services and restaurant to other tourists that we meet on our travels.

Kind regards,
Tara Rowland

I didn’t meet this couple but, that they took the time to send their opinion and well wishes means so much to me. I always tell everyone that I wouldn’t have much here if it wasn’t for my crew. We are like family.

This is a reminder that it is about more than just the food. It’s equally about the people. Without the people there is no food or service. It starts and stops with the people.

Positive feedback from our guests.

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  • helen says:

    I am looking for shawn saulnier and so are his family and friends,we are worried and haven’t heard from him in a very long time,shawn helped build the golf course and used his own money, if you know or could give this message to him or bill grimes for shawn to get back to me it would put my mind at ease,, he will know who it is tell him his cousin helen wants to here from him… tell him to e-mail me helen_munroe@live.com and if you don’t get in contact with him could you e-mail me back either way…..thank-you helen