New Menu Goes Live At Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

Our new menu is published. Come on over and see what’s new and improved. With 27 new items and larger portions and better ingredients, you are sure to find something to like.

We have already received rave reviews for the larger sandwiches, the lasagna, the chilled coconut almond soup, the sprouted whole grain quinoa, the super food salad, and the passion fruit mousse.

Vegetarians will like the addition of hummus turmeric wraps, with cucumber, onion, tomato, and cilantro, and the Veggie Burgers made from quinoa, amaranth, turmeric, and caramelized onions, on ciabatta bread. We have added more choices of protean to the vegetarian menu, including sprouting seeds and grains.

The ravioli is my personal favorite. It is an original, bold, new taste for ravioli, filled with pear simmered in white wine, wrapped in a cacao pasta topped with roasted peppers and tomato sauce. Sweet!

I look forward to learning what you like the best. Be sure to let me know…

New Menu Goes Live At Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

Bill Grimes is your host at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe.

Comments ( 2 )
  • Richard says:

    I just might have to re-visit Iquitos just to have a few meals.

  • billgrimes says:

    Dear Richard, If you can pry your self away from Cusco and the Sacred Valley long enough to make it back to Iquitos, you will be very welcome. Love your photos. Keep up the good work.

    My best,