Meet Our Staff

Let us introduce you to our hard working team.

All are from Iquitos Peru and have important jobs they can be proud of at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe.
This is Natali, head cook on the morning, early afternoon shift. Natali has been with us since April 2011. She attends classes at the university late afternoon and evenings.
This is Hilmer, head cook on the late afternoon, evening shift. Hilmer has been with us several years. She is raising her young son.
This is Grecia, one of our cooks. She has been with us for over two years. She is raising 2 children. Grecia likes singing while she works, and is very enthusiastic about sports.
Meet Margarita. She is in charge of her shift’s juices, smoothies, and cold press extractor juices.
This is Didier. He does what ever needs doing, including these hand crafted french fries. Didier is also a talented vocalist on the side.
Meet Erika. She is great at washing and rinsing all vegetables and fruits 3 times in purified water to make sure all of our salads are super clean.
Meet Paolo, one of our hard working cooks. Paolo has a great attitude and is a rising star in our kitchen.
This is Thamar. She is in charge of one shifts juices, smoothies, and cold press extractor juices.
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