How A Restaurant Can Be Like An Orchestra

How a restaurant can be like an orchestra.

When we have a full crew at Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, and an appreciative audience, you can understand how a restaurant can be like an orchestra. The owners and chef create and compose the arrangements, the kitchen interacts with the servers who interact with the audience, our clients. When everyone plays their part it is possible to create a masterpiece that has the power to change peoples lives.

If one of the cooks call in sick, a waiter decides to take a day off, or the audience does not show up, the music suffers, and becomes work instead of joy.

I was inspired by this article, Misty Xicum Sets the Tone;

“Serving people when you have a lot of knowledge to impart is amazing. Things fall into place on a restaurant floor when it’s crazy and insane, and there’s this beautiful moment, like an orchestra almost—each part is playing what it’s supposed to be playing, creating this masterpiece that’s changing people’s lives. There’s joy happening.”

…from my new favorite website, Medium, which I highly recommend for an informative good read.

How A Restaurant Can Be Like An Orchestra

Bill Grimes, host of Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

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