About Captain Bill Grimes

Welcome. Captain Bill Grimes here. I’ve adventured far and wide, been in scrapes on six continents and the seven seas, but now I’m older and wiser, and like Bilbo beyond the age of “eleventy one” in Rivendell, (Iquitos Peru), I enjoy a nap every afternoon, eating, writing blog articles, and working on my memoirs. I keep my hand in by running my pride and joy, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, the best tourist adventure outfitter in Iquitos Peru for the last 6 years, ask anybody.

Have you discovered my Captain’s Blog yet? I have published nearly 300 articles about Iquitos, the great reserves, rivers and rainforest. There are articles about my favorite places and what we see and do in this charming port city surrounded by rivers and jungle. There are hotel and restaurant reviews, packing lists, advice about handling and changing money, stories about peacock bass fishing, ayahuasca, the characters of Iquitos, and lots more.

There’s more to do than I can keep up with. I’m president of the Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club, The Peacock Bass Club, and the Amazon Birders Club. I’m manager of the Amazon Golf Course, and if all of that isn’t enough trouble, now I’m operating the Dawn on the Amazon Café.

The only way I’m able to do all of that and take a siesta every afternoon is my wonderful wife Marmelita and the first class crew we have assembled do most of the heavy lifting. We have a great crew on board. I love them. Everyone has bought into our management plan. It’s more complicated than this, but it boils down to teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.

I expect a lot from myself and our crew. The Dawn on the Amazon Café will be one of the best restaurants in Iquitos Peru, it’s already in the top 2%, and I will be posting photos and articles here in the Dawn on the Amazon Café Blog to document how we accomplish that goal.

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