Our Motto, Only Positive Attitudes And Good Vibrations Served At the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

Only positive attitudes and good vibrations are served at the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe. I’ve made some mistakes, lots of them. We opened the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe four months ago and I lost my temper five times. I made an ass of myself at least 4 times. It averages out at over […]


The Trials And Tribulations Of Operating A Restaurant In The Amazon Jungle

The trials and tribulations of operating a restaurant in the Amazon jungle. Operating a high class restaurant is difficult everywhere, but I assume operating a restaurant on the edge of civilization, in a town with no roads, surrounded by rivers and Amazon jungle, is even more difficult. A steady supply of goods is impossible. Yesterday […]


The Dawn on the Amazon Cafe Opens Quietly With High Expectations

The Dawn on the Amazon Cafe opens quietly with high expectations. Here at The Dawn on the Amazon Cafe, we spent months in the studying, planning, organizational stages, like nearly every restaurant. We spent 2 months just cutting through the bureaucratic red tape making our operation completely legal. We spent the final 3 weeks of […]